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    Life didn’t use to be this hard. Things were predictable, knowable, and a part of you liked it that way. But when life changes unexpectedly, it’s hard to adjust. Our carefully laid plans go out the window.

    Unexpected life changes impact what we thought we wanted. It can change how we think about ourselves, our relationships, or how we see the future. And the symptoms are brutal. You’re feel anxious. You’re not sleeping well. You might worry about how others are perceiving you or if you’re “really doing ok.” You might be isolating, losing yourself in mindless tv, or endlessly scrolling social media.

    Too much stress hurts our health, our relationships, and our ability to recharge.

    It dims our optimism for the future until we’re so focused in on what might go wrong that we’re no longer living life…we’re simply trying to “make it through.” 

    Excessive stress might hit us when:

    Our relationships go bad

    We lose a job

    Move to a new city

    Lose friendships

    Face loneliness

    Lose a loved one

    Suffer an illness or injury

    Are confronted with a difficult life choice

    Are uncertain about the future

    …and so much more.

    You might simply feel so fatigued by the hundred small day to day responsibilities that life becomes a drag! The future doesn’t seem as bright, anymore. It’s hard to see the path ahead. The fact that you’re struggling with feeling so overwhelmed is not your fault. Across the board, mental health concerns are rising in this country, and across the world. And if you knew how to make things better, you’d have done it by now. But the good news is that you can get things back on track!

    It doesn’t have to be this way!

    Not everyone who comes into therapy requires months and years of treatment. In fact, that tends to be the exception to the rule. But the reality is that nobody knew we’d be two years into a pandemic that has kept us isolated, without normal supports, and with ever changing guidance from our leaders.

    The truth is that it helps to talk through these concerns with a professional. Counseling is different than venting with a friend. Your friend might try to solve your problem or give you suggestions. A therapist will help you identify some specific goals and steps to help you get there. A therapist will help you identify unhelpful patterns in your life. Ways that you are sabotaging your goals. Counseling helps you focus on finding stability, support, and developing new resilience. 

    You don’t have to do this alone. Call today for a no obligation 15-minute consult (312) 270-0098